Street food for gourmets: a day in Paris

A new and very original street food scene is taking root in Paris of all places, the home of the world’s most elaborate and sophisticated cuisine. If you want to sample all the delicious highlights in a single day, you don’t have much time to spare – the ideal challenge to put the new BMW C evolution e-scooter to the test. Slanelle and Christophe Amav, two Parisian style and food bloggers, take us on a whistle-stop gastronomic tour of their native city.

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Jonas Unger

10 am
What better way to start the day than at a French bakery? Star chef Thierry Marx has all the classics, from croissants to brioches, for sale in his elegant boulangerie located in a narrow side street off Boulevard Haussmann. Anyone who feels in an experimental mood this early in the day should try out Marx’s bread makis: toasted rolls of dough filled with ingredients such as avocado and salmon.
Thierry Marx La Boulangerie (1), 51 Rue de Laborde,
2 km (1.2 mi.)

11:30 am
Next it’s time for a touch of class: located near the opera house is Bagnard, a stylish and sophisticated snack bar run by Yoni Saada. With a bit of luck you might be able to nab one of the few seats, such as the comfy sofa right next to the window. The house special is served over the wide wooden counter: pan bagnat, a round sandwich that originates from Nice and whose lightly colored slices of bread must be drenched in tomato sauce.
Bagnard (2), 7 Rue Saint-Augustin
700 m (0.4 mi.)

A picture-perfect Paris street: traffic rumbles over cobblestones and, as soon as it’s warm enough, the narrow sidewalks are lined with tables in rows of two.

The specialties of Basque chef Julien Duboué (top) are tapas and inventive street food. The ingredients used in his sandwiches include caramelized fruit.

12 noon
Tapas à la française: in A. Noste, customers crowd around the long, wooden tables in the evenings, taking great pleasure in passing their tapas dishes back and forth. Since restaurant owner Julien Duboué added special takeout dishes to the menu, the locals have also been dropping in at midday to pick up something delicious to go – such as a talo, a Basque sandwich made from thin and crispy wheat bread. The version with caramelized fruit is highly recommended.
A. Noste (3), 6 bis Rue du 4 Septembre,
1.1 km (0.7 mi.)

1 pm
A picture-perfect Paris street: traffic rumbles over cobblestones and, as soon as it’s warm enough, the narrow sidewalks are lined with tables in rows of two. A patisserie with a difference has just opened here on Rue Marie Stuart: the Sitron’s menu consists entirely of desserts made from gluten-free ingredients like chestnut and rice flour. The caramel tartlet is an absolute must!
Sitron (4), 15 Rue Marie Stuart,
2.1 km (1.3 mi.)

2 pm
We briefly move outside of Europe, at least in the culinary sense: in Saam’s open kitchen, Korean specialties are prepared in large silver pots. Situated not far from the Canal Saint Martin, this small eatery with its vintage furniture is filled to the brim with customers at lunchtime. It’s really worth trying their take on the Korean classic, the bao bun – a sort of burger containing slow-cooked, spicy pork.
Saam (5), 59B Rue de Lancry
900 m (0.6 mi.)

3 pm
Over on the opposite side of the Canal Saint Martin, customers can watch Yann Couvreur prepare his mille-feuille delicacies – finely layered slices of puff pastry and vanilla. Couvreur previously worked at the Prince de Galles luxury hotel before opening his own patisserie last May.
Yann Couvreur Pâtisserie (6), 137 Avenue Parmentier,
3.7 km (2.3 mi.)

4 pm
Here’s an insider’s tip: right in the middle of the somewhat touristy area around Montmartre you can find B&M Burger, perhaps the city’s best spot for burgers. The meat comes from legendary Paris butcher Hugo Desnoyer; the buns are baked using potato starch; and the accompanying fries can be served with avocado sauce, if you’re so inclined. The blue-and-white walls and the bare light bulbs make for the perfect burger joint atmosphere.
B&M Burger (7), 98 Rue des Martyrs,
5 km (3.1 mi.)

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B&M serves up one of the city’s best burgers. Our bloggers capture every new discovery on their smartphones.

B&M serves up one of the city’s best burgers. Our bloggers capture every new discovery on their smartphones.

5:30 pm
A specialties tour through Paris would not be complete without éclairs – those quintessentially French oblongs of choux pastry filled with custard or whipped cream. The most sophisticated varieties can be found in Le Marais. It was here that one of the first stores of the now-globally successful L’Éclair de Génie brand opened. The brightly colored pastries created by master patissier Christophe Adam are piled high behind glass. A tip for the hot summer months: try one of the ice cream éclairs!
L’Eclair de Génie (8), 14 Rue Pavée,
700 m (0.4 mi.)

6 pm
Michalak is another patisserie located in Le Marais. Patissier Christophe Michalak is famous for his wonderfully detailed creations: it’s not unknown for him to come up with a pastry in the form of a camper van. Michalak specializes in kosmiks, as he calls them: little round jars containing several layers of different desserts – from candied raspberries or hazelnut and almond cake to a green tea sponge cake.
Michalak (9), 16 Rue de la Verrerie,
2.8 km (1.7 mi.)

7 pm
The best way to stave off early evening hunger pangs is with a panini – and this panini is not to be missed! In Edmond, a delicatessen close to the Jardin du Luxembourg, chef Benallal Akrame runs a small sandwich shop called Panivanda. Akrame uses extra-matured meat – add a little grilled aubergine and some fresh fennel and, presto, the perfect snack is ready for your delectation.
Panivanda (in the Edmond organic shop) (10), 90 Rue de Rennes

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The boss herself does the cooking here: Yoosun Kim, owner of Korean snack bar Saam, which she runs with her husband Marc Vigouroux.