The Next 100 Years

How will we get around in the future?

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the BMW Group: an occasion to focus attention on the future as well as pay tribute to the past. Over the coming months – under the title “The Next 100” – BMW Magazine Digital will be taking a journey into tomorrow’s world.

We live in a fast-moving and interconnected world, one in which pioneering technologies, demographic shifts and cultural changes have far-reaching social and economic consequences. This makes it more important than ever to think about the future and act with foresight.

That is why, under the heading “The Next 100,” the BMW Group is using the occasion of its centennial to turn attention towards the future and ask some pivotal questions. What form will mobility take in years to come? What role will corporations play in society? How and where will people live? What impact will globalization and digitization have on our world? How can the BMW Group continue to be the drivers of progress? These questions, of course, show we do not yet know what the future will bring. It's only if we put our minds to it that we can hope to play a part in shaping it.

That is what creates a bond between the BMW Group and pioneering thinkers from a wide range of professions, be they scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs or artists. For this reason, the articles now appearing at regular intervals at under the heading “The Next 100” do not revolve solely around our own plans and scenarios; they also involve experts from diverse areas of society, who have joined us in reflecting on and discussing the future. We also discuss the history of our company, which has been defined throughout the years by focusing on the road ahead. One thing that has guided and sustained the BMW Group over these last 100 years is the sheer enthusiasm for what we do – including the conviction that there must always be a more intelligent, more efficient way to do it. It is this heritage that has made us the world’s leading maker of premium motor vehicles.

These questions, of course, show that we do not yet know what the future will bring. It's only if we put our minds to it that we can hope to play a part in shaping it.

“The Next 100” traces an arc from the past to the immediate (and, sometimes, distant) future. From the spectacular BMW Vision Next 100 concept vehicle and its captivating glimpse into the future of mobility, to contributions from artists and researchers, to reports from locations around the globe where the future is happening today: over the course of the year, this column will deliver a steadily growing network of ideas, thoughts, forecasts and perspectives.

“The Next 100” is also an invitation to enter into a dialog on the future and how we can work together to shape it into something gratifying and worth striving for.

And so we invite you to visit us on a regular basis in the coming months. Join us on this exciting journey into the future!

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