On the fast track

Zedd ranks among the world’s most sought-after DJs. Of late, he has been listening to his music in a BMW M235i.

Photos; Nick Walker/Universal Music

“Living in Los Angeles, I figured you didn’t really need to drive a fast car,” says Anton Zaslavski, better known to pop fans around the world as Zedd. But that has changed since he became the owner of a BMW M235i.

DJ sees red: Zedd proudly presented his new car on Twitter (R) to 1.4 million followers, captioning the photo: “OMG thank you soooo much BMW”

“Now I always audition my latest tracks in my BMW.”

DJ Zedd

“I feel much safer. I know the acceleration is there when I need it to change lanes or to avoid another driver who isn’t paying attention.”

When the 25-year-old DJ superstar isn’t heating up the dance floor in vast arenas, he spends his time composing music for Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber or writing songs for himself. Born in Russia, Zedd grew up in the German city of Kaiserslautern and has always had a penchant for German cars. What he loves about his BMW M235i – apart from its dynamic handling – is the sound system: “I always audition my latest tracks in my BMW.”