BMW 7 Series special

“There is a wealth of sophisticated details in the new BMW 7 Series”

Walter Schindlbeck is best acquainted with the new BMW 7 Series. He has already spent many hundreds of miles at the wheel of the luxury sedan.

Michael Seitz
Uwe Düttmann

You know all the teams who have worked on the new BMW 7 Series. What are they most proud of?

Walter Schindlbeck: All of our expertise has gone into the new BMW 7 Series, and there have been truly outstanding achievements in all areas. The body team is especially proud of the way in which carbon-fiber technology has been transferred to large-scale series production. The intelligent blend of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber is ideally suited for use in a luxury sedan of this size. No other carmaker in the world has mastered this highly complex process.

“There is a wealth of truly sophisticated details that have been crafted to the highest standards.”

Walter Schindlbeck

Which details and innovations in the BMW 7 Series are you most pleased with?

Schindlbeck: There is a wealth of truly sophisticated details that have been crafted to the highest standards. The way in which the guides for the rear seatbelts have been neatly recessed in wood springs to mind. Or the seamless transitions from leather to wood and from wood to metal. The precision and high-class feel are simply exceptional. Brand-new production methods were developed in many areas to achieve such levels of refinement, precision and innovation. Take our illuminated Panoramic Sky Lounge LED glass roof, which is produced in a cleanroom the likes of which was previously only found in the microchip industry. The new control options range from the iDrive Controller, touch operation and contact-free Gesture Control all the way to BMW Touch Command in the rear. Plus, the Voice command system is now perfectly capable of understanding natural speech. The Executive Lounge behind the front passenger seat is a very special highlight. It can be used for work and other activities or as an oasis of well-being. The front passenger seat backrest and head restraint can be folded a long way forward, opening up a panoramic view through the windshield from the rear and generating an unprecedented sense of space.

Last but by no means least: what’s it like to drive?

Schindlbeck: It’s a dream – no other sedan of these proportions feels so light and delivers such incredibly fun and dynamic performance and such impressive ride comfort. At the same time, the occupants find themselves in a wonderfully tranquil environment. The acoustics experts and sound engineers have done a great job – as has the whole team.