BMW 7 Series special

Sensory elegance: wellbeing in the new BMW 7 Series

First-class comfort is a prerequisite for the luxury class. In the new BMW 7 Series it ensures tranquillity, relaxation and the perfect interplay of mobility and lifestyle.

Uwe Düttmann
Adriano Sack

Whether you’re pampering yourself in the spa at a luxury hotel, reclining a first-class seat all the way back on an intercontinental flight or sitting in the café of a concept store in Milan, the genuinely top-end products and services you are enjoying will have been honed down to the last detail. They are the ones that provide customers with experiences tailored to the widest possible range of requirements and situations.

Personalised appeal to the senses

While wellness tends to be confined to beauty, personal grooming and “gentle” medicine, the idea of well-being goes further – and was pivotal in the development of the BMW 7 Series. In a world ruled by speed and deadlines, the new BMW 7 Series not only provides an oasis of calm and a chance to step back, it also makes a precisely judged appeal to all the senses.

The Panoramic glass roof stretches out like a star-studded sky. An intricate pattern incorporated into the glass is illuminated above the passengers’ heads. The design can be switched among the six ambient interior lighting colors.

The BMW 7 Series offers maximum technically optimised driving pleasure coupled with unique levels of personally configurable comfort and recuperation.

Here, comfort and functionality become part of the same solution. The pleasant LED Light Carpet lays on an impressive welcome and provides a sense of familiarity when getting in and out of the vehicle. The driving experience itself is noticeably improved courtesy of the active chassis components of the Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview system. This recognizes uneven areas of the road surface and smoothes out their impact, while the Active Lane Keeping Assistant enhances active safety.

Generous sense of space

Whether at the wheel or in the Executive Lounge behind the front passenger seat, for its occupants the BMW 7 Series is a world apart. The Panoramic Sky Lounge LED glass roof and ambient highlight on the B-pillar create a generous sense of space, while LED-based light graphics make for an atmospheric ambiance in the dark. Driving noise levels are kept to a minimum, and the only scent imposed on occupants is the discreet aroma of high-quality Nappa Leather. However, customers can choose to add any of eight specially developed scents to the mix, depending on mood and taste. Their fresh, woody notes are eminently suited to the vehicle’s character. Massage functions are integrated into the seats while the rear compartment now features the innovative new Vitality Program, which among other functions, helps to energize the shoulder and neck area. At the same time, a comfort pillow allows passengers to settle into the best possible posture, inviting them to switch off for a while in the back seat.

The BMW 7 Series is not only a dynamic vehicle of the highest technical class, but also serves as a haven of tranquility, a relaxed working environment — even a place of physical recuperation. Nowadays, discerning customers expect their products to do more than merely function; they are also eager to enjoy a personal user experience and the feeling of being looked after.

The LED Light Carpet of the new BMW 7 Series illuminates the floor 
during entry and exit, extending an impressive greeting and farewell. 
Inside the vehicle, the ambient light feature and ambient highlight on the 
B-pillar create an atmosphere that goes beyond cozy.

The LED Light Carpet of the new BMW 7 Series illuminates the floor during entry and exit, extending an impressive greeting and farewell. Inside the vehicle, the ambient light feature and ambient highlight on the B-pillar create an atmosphere that goes beyond cozy.

Luxury imbued with new values

As such, the BMW 7 Series fits in well with our changing times. Where luxury used to be inextricably linked with status and the desire for exclusivity, different values now apply. No longer does a logo, as a signal of affluence, guarantee prestige. Today, the market belongs to products that are able to anticipate needs before they have been articulated. From a certain point, luxury is all about the details. Has the hotel laid out a pristine copy of the right newspaper at your breakfast table – or one that has passed through several hands? Are the towels in your room merely big and white, or do they also have that just-so softness and a pleasant, subtle scent? Has the flight attendant served you a glass of chilled champagne once you’ve settled in your seat so you won’t be disturbed while working on your laptop? The style supplements of the major newspapers show just how prominent issues of luxury and well-being have become for informed clients. They expect a well-thought-out range of products and top-drawer materials, and they want to know about production conditions and sustainability.

Optimised driving pleasure and maximum recuperative comfort

Today, a first-class product not only needs to be meticulously designed down to the last detail, it must also allow the user to control and individually configure its functions. The BMW Touch Command tablet allows features, such as the interior lighting, air conditioning and entertainment system, to be controlled from the rear seats. In this way the BMW 7 Series offers maximum, technically optimized driving pleasure along with a unique degree of personally configurable comfort and recuperation – all of which unarguably represents a new dimension in luxury.