New destinations, new styles – on the road with Costas Voyatzis

Style blogger Costas Voyatzis spends his year traveling the world. Here, he presents a selection of new places, exhibitions and buildings that are worth a visit.

Colorful consumerism: Schirn-POP, Frankfurt, Germany

American pop art is a known quantity thanks to the likes of Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg. As the exhibition “German Pop” shows, Germany also had artists – such as Sigmar Polke and Christa Dichgans – with a gift for turning the colorful world of consumerism into art.

Laid-back chic: The Line Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

The Line is one of Los Angeles’ latest hotel highlights. Located in the heart of bustling Koreatown, it sets new standards for laid-back chic and is emerging as a new, must-go hub for globetrotting creatives, who are currently flocking to trendy L.A. in greater numbers than ever. It is said – and for good reason – that L.A. is slowly but surely taking over from Berlin as the world’s number one city for artists.

Cuisine with a difference at the Hueso Restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico

The all-over white-painted Hueso restaurant in Guadalajara, Mexico is a breath-taking cabinet of curiosities. More total artwork than dining venue, it is located in the city’s Lafayette Design District. The restaurant has been installed in a renovated, modernistic building dating back to the 1940s. Its walls are covered from ceiling to floor with more than 10,000 animal bones made of aluminum, as well as knives and drawings of skeletons. Appropriately, “hueso” is the Spanish for bone. Against this rather bizarre backdrop, starred chef Alfonso Cadena displays his exquisite culinary talents.

Argentinian fare at the Anahi in Paris, France

On my last trip to Paris, I had the opportunity to dine in the iconic Argentinian restaurant Anahi. Founded 20 years ago by two sisters, it is now part of La Jeune Rue, a strip in the trendy district of Marais that has a number of restaurants as well as bars and boutiques. Originally a butcher’s shop, the Anahi has maintained its original art deco flair. One detail is that the interstices between the partly cracked tiling are filled with gleaming copper leaf to intriguing effect. It is just one feature among many that make up the unique charm of this place.

Hollywood history: the new Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

Basically, I like everything about Ace Hotels, so I feel obliged to recommend another place to stay in Los Angeles in addition to The Line Hotel, as this innovative hotel chain recently opened a new location in downtown L.A. Its home is the former United Artists film studio, a 230-feet-high building erected in Spanish-Gothic style in the 1920s. Naturally, the Ace Hotel has kept the old movie theater, while the rooms have been refurbished in a more urban contemporary style. Some even include a guitar for the use of guests.

Costas Voyatzis

was born in Athens in 1980 and has been the force behind design website since 2007. Each month, Voyatzis reports on his international discoveries for BMW Magazine.