#BMWstories – BMW on Instagram

The Instagram photo-sharing community brings together people on the move. #BMWstories collects snapshots submitted by BMW enthusiasts around the globe.


“This was taken after a short off-the-beaten-track drive through Corleone country to the city featured in Coppola’s film, The Godfather. The road leading there is one of the prettiest I’ve ever driven, and I’ll never forget the seafood couscous I enjoyed in the harbor.”

Simone Tortini


“I wanted to drive about 1,200 miles in Namibia on the widest variety of roads possible. I drove through mud, across dirt, rocks and sand. Africa’s roads are a joy for anyone interested in out-of-the-ordinary driving experiences.”

Igor Zhigalov


“I drove from Denmark to southern Spain in my M5, and took a detour through the Swiss Alps, which I had always dreamt of doing. Despite being alone, it was an amazing drive through the mountains. Then again, if I’d had any passengers, they probably would’ve complained about my driving anyway…”

Rass Tolstrup


Little helpers – family teamwork in a #BMWRepost with @henrik_1969 and his BMW 3 Series Touring.



“This was near the end of my six-year stay in Dubai. Before moving back to the States, I took a road trip through the desert with my girlfriend. We drove past this camel, which was obliging enough to pose for a couple of pictures with our M Coupe.”

Justin Cornelison


USA: “My husband and I met at an auto event in Santa Barbara. He was driving a yellow coupe at the time and he invited me to take a spin with him – we’ve been together ever since! Since that time we’ve been on all sorts of adventures together in our BMWs. My two sisters completely knocked me off my feet when they gave us my 1 Series M Coupe as a surprise wedding gift.”

Breanna Bartolucci

Stance Works

You can also watch film footage at #BMWstories, such as this clip by U.S. car customizers Stance Works.