A Single Road: the world’s most spectacular roads

A series on the world’s most spectacular roads – seen from the perspective of photographers who have driven on them and expertly plied their trade along the way. German travel photographer Simon Koy kicks off the series.

Simon Koy

Meandering along between the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other, this road in Iceland is for me one of the most breathtaking in the world. With every passing mile, the landscape seems more and more endless. The ring road runs right around the island, covering a distance of 1,200 kilometres (almost 750 miles). It is kept clear even in winter and only closed when there are volcanic eruptions – it gets damaged pretty regularly by lava, flooding and mudslides.

Iceland has a fantastic road infrastructure, and this trip can be made in any vehicle.

I’d recommend setting aside a whole week for it. To get this picture, which was taken at Iceland’s southernmost tip near the small village of Vik, I scrambled up a mountain slope in search of the perfect vantage point. I clambered down again as soon as I had taken the shot as I was being attacked by gulls that were protecting their nests.

Simon Koy, born in 1979, is a German travel photographer. In the last five years, he has completed two trips around the world. By his own account, he has visited 65 countries “properly”.