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Abu Dhabi Motors: the biggest BMW dealership in the world

When you travel through Abu Dhabi, you embark on a journey past one architectural superlative after another, from shopping malls the size of whole villages to incredibly sophisticated skyscrapers. So it’s fitting that we’re on our way to Abu Dhabi Motors, the largest BMW dealer in the world.

Fritz Schaap

Lined up in the light and airy halls of Abu Dhabi Motors is just about every conceivable model available from BMW at the moment. That goes for the BMW Group’s other brands as well – BMW i, BMW Motorrad, MINI and Rolls-Royce. The man behind Abu Dhabi Motors is General Director Arno Husselmann, who was recognised in 2016 as the “Best-Selling Rolls-Royce Dealer” for the third consecutive year. A great number of luxuriously equipped and high-powered BMW models are also sold here. The reason? “This is a city that understands luxury,” says the 56-year-old South African. “It simply loves luxury.”

“Customers can come here and take a unique car straight home with them.”

Arno Husselmann, General Director Abu Dhabi Motors

His customers have the highest of expectations, which helps to explain why there are so many one-off models on display. The numerous bespoke cars haven’t actually been built to customer specifications, though – they’re here because Husselmann ordered them that way. “Customers can come here and take a unique car straight home with them,” he declares – without having to think long and hard about the specs themselves.

In a country where motorists pay up to $10 million just to have the right numbers on their registration plate, it’s essential to offer customers something out of the ordinary. Proud as he is of his models, Husselmann takes even more pride in his staff. He explains that his customers can tell the difference between good and poor service in ways that few others can, as they are used to receiving first-rate service no matter where their travels take them. So it goes without saying that Husselmann’s top priority is to offer his clients only the very best service when they come to the 35,000 square metres of showroom space filled by Abu Dhabi Motors. He selects his employees based on a stringent set of criteria: “I only appoint managers who have learned the trade from the bottom up. For example, a service manager must have worked as a technician at some point.” After all, you can only sell the customer the perfect car if you know the car perfectly.