Gallery 2116

Peaceful scenarios from tomorrow’s world

The theme “Mobility of the future” is a complex and multilayered one. To explain it demands both analytical skill and imagination. As part of the “Gallery 2116” project, a number of well-known illustrators have created their own visions of mobility for the coming 100 years. The upshot is a portfolio of possibilities, which we are showcasing in BMW Magazine digital in an exclusive three-part series. Not everything that moves has to have four wheels, though: sometimes all it requires is imagination – that of Andy Rementer, Jean Jullien, Jude Buffum and Alexander Glandien, for example.

Hendrik Lakeberg

Andy Rementer „Moving Together“

In this work, Andy Rementer represents a peaceful and happy scene from life in the future. “I like the idea of a world in which people, food, cars and industry achieve their goals in harmony,” says the artist. The title “Moving Together”, he explains, means feeling responsible for the environment, showing respect for each other and working together in concert.

Jean Jullien „Walk the Walk“

Jean Jullien has the gift of taking a complex issue and condensing it into an eloquent image using trenchant humour. “In an age where we are increasingly concerned about our environment, the future of mobility could simply be to walk more,” says the artist. It would be hard to contradict that. His picture shows a foot beneath which a flower is growing, and if you imagine this foot walking on and a new flower emerging after every step, there would be many more reasons to venture out more often for a walk in the fresh air.

Jude Buffum „No Turn on Red“

“If I were to speculate about what transportation will look like in the future, I would call it a mixture of the familiar and the fantastic,” says Jude Buffum. Maybe the fuel that drives it would cost nothing, he adds. And maybe it would draw on various energy sources all around us: hydrogen, wind power or solar energy. But what is paramount for this American artist is that it must be environmentally friendly. Perhaps, he muses, we don’t really need to be mobile at all and driving a car will be a nostalgic pastime. This exciting vision is illustrated by his work “No Turn on Red”. For, as he explains, while we are waiting for our atoms to reassemble themselves ­correctly after being beamed through the galaxy, we will have plenty of time to experience through video games what it was once like for our forebears to drive a car.

Alexander Glandien „World on a Wire“

When the illustrator Alexander Glandien imagines the future, his hope is that the roads will not be reserved just for traffic but for many other activities as well. People ought to reclaim their urban space from cars. As to how, that is up to the imagination of the observer. His work “World on a Wire” aims to show some of the possibilities. As for the transportation that will move people in the future, Glandien expects it to be emission-free and silent: “The city would gain a new, unfamiliar quality of life.”